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Features for single- and multi-cluster Kubernetes environments

K8ssandra Operator: enhanced capabilities Initial K8ssandra project
K8ssandra Operator is our most recent offering. In a unified operator, K8ssandra Operator provides an entirely new, solidified set of features for Kubernetes + Cassandra deployments. The features include robust management (cass-operator), API integration (Stargate), anti-entropy repairs (Reaper), and backup/restore (Medusa). Important enhancements include multi-cluster and multi-region support, which enables greater scalability and availability for enterprise apps and data. Single cluster/region deployments are also supported with K8ssandra Operator. K8ssandra v1.4.x is our project’s initial implementation. It continues to provide a set of separate Helm charts that you can use to configure and deploy Apache Cassandra® into a single-cluster, single-region Kubernetes environment.
For enhanced capabilities, we recommend that you explore K8ssandra Operator local install topic, which focuses on single- or multi-cluster deployments on local dev kind Kubernetes clusters, using the provided make commands, helm, or kustomize. Start in the K8ssandra v1.4.x install topics, which include the steps for single-cluster installs on local or cloud-provider Kubernetes platforms.

If you’re using K8ssandra v1.4.x, you may continue to do so. Or consider stepping up to the project’s latest implementation with K8ssandra Operator.

Compatibility matrix

Kubernetes v1.17 v1.18 v1.19 v1.20 v1.21 v1.22 v1.23 v1.24
K8ssandra v1.5
K8ssandra-operator v1.0
K8ssandra-operator v1.1
K8ssandra-operator v1.2

Next steps

We encourage you to actively participate in the K8ssandra community.

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