Medusa CRD

Medusa Custom Resource Definition (CRD) reference for use with K8ssandra Operator.

Custom Resources


Field Description Scheme Required
containerImage MedusaContainerImage is the image characteristics to use for Medusa containers. Leave nil to use a default image. *images.Image false
securityContext SecurityContext applied to the Medusa containers. *corev1.SecurityContext false
cassandraUserSecretRef Defines the username and password that Medusa will use to authenticate CQL connections to Cassandra clusters. These credentials will be automatically turned into CQL roles by cass-operator when bootstrapping the datacenter, then passed to the Medusa instances, so that it can authenticate against nodes in the datacenter using CQL. The secret must be in the same namespace as Cassandra and must contain two keys: "username" and "password". corev1.LocalObjectReference false
storageProperties Provides all storage backend related properties for backups. Storage false

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Field Description Scheme Required
storageClassName Storage class name to use for the pod’s storage. string false
size Size of the pod’s storage in bytes. Defaults to 10 GB. resource.Quantity false
accessModes Pod local storage access modes []corev1.PersistentVolumeAccessMode false

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Field Description Scheme Required
storageProvider The storage backend to use for the backups. string false
storageSecretRef Kubernetes Secret that stores the key file for the storage provider’s API. If using ‘local’ storage, this value is ignored. corev1.LocalObjectReference false
bucketName The name of the bucket to use for the backups. string false
prefix Name of the top level folder in the backup bucket. If empty, the cluster name will be used. string false
maxBackupAge Maximum backup age that the purge process should observe. int false
maxBackupCount Maximum number of backups to keep (used by the purge process). Default is unlimited. int false
apiProfile AWS Profile to use for authentication. string false
transferMaxBandwidth Max upload bandwidth in MB/s. Defaults to 50 MB/s. string false
concurrentTransfers Number of concurrent uploads. Helps maximizing the speed of uploads but puts more pressure on the network. Defaults to 1. int false
multiPartUploadThreshold File size over which cloud specific cli tools are used for transfer. Defaults to 100 MB. int false
host Host to connect to for the storage backend. string false
region Region of the storage bucket. Defaults to "default". string false
port Port to connect to for the storage backend. int false
secure Whether to use SSL for the storage backend. bool false
backupGracePeriodInDays Age after which orphan sstables can be deleted from the storage backend. Protects from race conditions between purge and ongoing backups. Defaults to 10 days. int false
podStorage Pod storage settings for the local storage provider *PodStorageSettings false

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